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Welcome to my site. I’m Jan Bivins, Fermenter Extraordinaire! I’d like to share with you my recipes and why eating fermented food is so important.

Fermenting is my new medicine.  I take it on a daily basis, and it has changed my life. See my story.

Most kraut that you buy in the store is very different from what you can easily make at home. The store-bought jar of kraut had been heated to over 110 degrees and canned. My fermented kraut is made with cabbage and salt, sitting only 3-4 days before it’s ready to eat. There is no heat to kill the  Vitamins K, A, B6 and B12, and it’s full of good enzymes and healthy bacteria.

There are many foods that can be fermented, and they all provide you with a benefit, so if you don’t like a particular fermented food, try something else. This website has recipes for many various types of fermented foods. As you get more experienced, you will also find many ways to add fermented ingredients to dishes you already eat.

Some doctors want you to take probiotic pills, which are expensive. Fermenting your own food at home is much cheaper. Most physicians know about fermentation, and many have done it themselves.

My motto:  Your gut is like your septic tank.  It’s not happy backed up because of bad bacteria. You’re not happy, because you now have a mess on your hands. Change what you put in your gut, and you have changed your lifestyle.

Photo of Jan Bivins