Fermented Cauliflower

Print Fermented Cauliflower I just love fermented cauliflower. It’s a great thing to make in cooler weather when cauliflower is in season. Enjoy! Ingredients 1 head of cauliflower 2 cups or more filtered water ( non chlorinated) 1-2 Tablespoons sea salt for each 2 cups of water to make a brine Any additional seasonings, such…

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Basic Salt Fermentation Recipe

Photo of salt-fermented lemons

Print Basic Salt Fermentation Reccipe Prep Time: 15 minutes Fermenting food is a very simple process, nothing like canning or even pickling with vinegar. The fermenting process occurs naturally at room temperature and only requires salt to keep the ingredients from spoiling.Here is a basic fermenting recipe. You can use it with lemons, limes, garlic…

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Cabbage Kraut

Photo of red and green cabbage kraut

Print Cabbage Kraut Prep Time: 15 minutes This kraut is easy to make and so good for you. The photo shows kraut made with both green and red cabbage. Try sprinkling on roasted caraway seeds! Ingredients 1 head of green cabbage, red cabbage, or 1/2 of each 2 tsp sea salt (can be increased to…

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